“Working with Amy was an amazing experience, from the first meeting to the finished project. In addition to her creativity, she takes the time to plan a shoot, get it right, all with an easy-to-work-with positive attitude. She loves the work she is doing, and it shows in every aspect of a project with an appreciation for professionalism to boot.”
– Hearing Trees
“I got a chance to work with Amy as a camera operator on a music video that I directed for the very talented Luke Reimer. She came well prepared to the shoot and added so much value to the final product! We had a great fluid dynamic when discussing creative direction. I would highly recommend working with Amy!”
– Graeme C.
“Amy, I cannot say thank you enough for capturing every detail of our baby shower for us and especially for putting it all together in a very special video. You certainly captured the essence of the day! Even though you had a video camera in your hand, you had the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and it shows. All the little details from the music and editing was all very professionally done! Thanks again!!”
– Jessica A.
“I’ve had the pleasure to both know and work side by side with Amy on a few different projects, when the time came to select a videographer for my wedding day there was really only one choice. Amy brings dedication and creativity in equal amounts to any project and she always gets her shot. I was also very pleased with the edited result of our wedding documentary. If you are looking for the entire package, look no further.”
– Jabez W.
“I have had the opportunity of working with Amy twice. Once as set director for her movie Chump Change. She was excellent to work with. She treated her crew with respect and knew what she wanted the set to feel like. I also was the subject of a promotional video she produced. She was very knowledgeable and professional. I thought the video was excellent.  She caught the essence of my art.”
– Louise K.